View Full Version : Great 2-Hour Set with The Wildmans at B-Chord Brewing

Steve Sorensen
Nov-03-2018, 11:07am
Really tremendous music from The Wildmans and tremendous video and sound quality from B-Chord Brewing Company --



Steve Sorensen
Nov-03-2018, 2:27pm
DOH! Title Error -- The Wildmans ! ! ! !

Nov-03-2018, 2:31pm
DOH! Title Error -- The Wildmans ! ! ! !

I fixed it for you. :cool:

Mark Gunter
Nov-03-2018, 2:51pm
Sounds great! Adding this to my "movie night" watch list. Thanks.

Steve Sorensen
Nov-04-2018, 8:14am
I just realized that the coolest thing about The Wildmans is how Mom and Bass player, Deb Wildman, has quietly enabled these kids to grow -- from tykes sawing and pounding away, to really extraordinary musicians. And she is still right there making it possible.

So impressive.


Steve Sorensen
Nov-05-2018, 2:05am

Thank for the comment!

I must say, the thing that I find to be most odd about MandolinCafe is, at this time, more than 200 people have viewed this posting and about 150 people have viewed the video . . . and nobody pops in to say, "Amazing new music by these young players." etc.

Just strange. Young musicians like The Wildmans deserve the kind of enthusiastic support that will keep the new music growing!

Don't just lurk and consume! Support!

If I had posted a picture of a booger stuck on my BlueChip pick there would be 350 comments, suggestions, opinions, detailed postulations on how the booger got stuck to the pick, options for other types of booger-resistant picks, suggestions for pick-cleaning soaps etc.

And yet when there are 2 hours of new music in hi-def video by amazing young players . . . nuthin! Just strange, Cafe folk.


Skip Kelley
Nov-05-2018, 7:01am
Steve, thanks for sharing! I just now saw this post and really like their music! Very talented young folks!

Nov-05-2018, 8:10am
Every ones taste in music is different and I try not to make negative comments of a band or their style. So as one of the 200 who did take the time out of my day to give them an honest listen and "had" not commented, that's why.

Nov-05-2018, 9:52am
They did an outstanding set at the Charleston SC Bluegrass Festival back in March of this year. That young lady's voice was terrific. Not to mention the young man's mandolin playing. They really nailed Gershwin's "Summertime."

Nov-05-2018, 10:31am
I'm with Frank. I gave them a listen.

Nobody wants to hear whatever it is that I don't really prefer in music.

Steve Sorensen
Nov-05-2018, 11:50am



Nov-05-2018, 2:10pm
yep. I'm an old curmudgeon. I'd apologize for it;but,that's just what we do.

Just wanted to hear that Sorensen mandolin un-plugged.

Steve Sorensen
Nov-05-2018, 3:09pm
Well that's easy enough --



Nov-05-2018, 7:27pm

Standing right here beside myself.

Thank you for that un-plugged Sorensen! Nice,

What was the tune Mr. Wildman was picking?

Great mandolin sound. Love it.

Nov-05-2018, 8:25pm
I must say, the thing that I find to be most odd about MandolinCafe is...

Well I agree that it can be hard to keep a conversation going about music, as opposed to the tools of the trade. But in part, it's not easy to write meaningfully about music, beyond 'I like it' or 'I don't', and folks have only so much time to spend typing on internet forums, even faves like the Cafe.

The Wildmans seem like a nice group, still growing musically. Of the singer, I'll say, 'I remain unconvinced that her relationships have been at all "like Verlaine's and Rimbaud". But then, I like to play 'Shackles and Chains'...

Steve Sorensen
Nov-06-2018, 10:38am

They are indeed young! Eli Wildman and Victor Furtado are both 18. Both are going to Berklee College of Music in 2019, and I think that environment will really have a big impact on their growth. Aila is only 17.

Heck, when I first met them, four years ago, they were 14 and 13.

What has impressed me is the consistent focused attention on growth, and pushing their musical knowledge and capabilities to the edge of what they are able to do at each stage of growth. Amazing work ethic and attitude for their ages.

Can't wait to hear where they grow to in another four years!


Nov-06-2018, 11:23am
The tune is Garfield's Blackberry Blossom, great tune. Also a great job from some talented young folks. It will be fun to see where they are in a few years.

Lane Pryce
Nov-09-2018, 8:51pm
Some really good stuff. Lp