View Full Version : Sierra Hull's 1926 Gibson Mandola

Mark Gunter
Oct-26-2018, 6:01pm
Sierra just got her '26 Gibby 'dola back from Dave Harvey, and posted a very brief sampling on Facebook. Here it is for those who are able to see these videos, just click the photo to play it.



Oct-26-2018, 6:24pm
Magic fingers. Pulling tone... Nice mandola too.

Oct-26-2018, 6:35pm
Man she can make that thing sing.

Mark Wilson
Oct-26-2018, 6:43pm
Yep. Nice! What a right hand she has

I wish I could ask her why she goes from closed to open fist while playing. I noticed her do the same another video someone posted

Kevin Stueve
Oct-26-2018, 7:11pm
just my observation but she uses open fist when playing soft and closed fist when playing loud

Oct-26-2018, 9:50pm
Good stuff Mark!... Thanks!!!

Oct-26-2018, 10:03pm
Honestly Sierra is my favorite mandolinist these days. Shes got such a great touch and style and most importantly her music is great. Not just flashy playing in a vacuum

I think shes actually under-rated, which is saying something because shes pretty highly rated

Oct-26-2018, 10:36pm
That was great, Mark. Thanks.