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Oct-25-2018, 8:48pm
About one instrument out of every 50 challenges me much more than the other 49. I was tested building this one, but still proud to show off this hollow scroll F5 interpretation. The irony is that after as much time as I spent on the cosmetic details, as soon as I hit the first note I never noticed what it looked like until I was ready to stop playing two hours later. 1000 thanks to Bob for being the most patient customer of a lifetime...

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Eric Hanson
Oct-25-2018, 11:08pm
Cool Mando! Really like the creativity on the shape.
What are the woods used?
How did you find they affected the tone? What made the playability more likeable?
Just curious.

Oct-25-2018, 11:43pm
Macassar ebony sides, curly maple binding, Ted Davis October 1989 red spruce top, Michigan red maple back, hollow scroll, Nicolo Alessi tuning machines.....

Oct-25-2018, 11:43pm
Can we see the face of the head please?

Steve Sorensen
Oct-26-2018, 1:45am
Tremendous details, color, craftsmanship.


Clinton Johnson
Oct-26-2018, 7:06am
I hope Bob is well pleased, I know I would be! Beautiful Mandolin Mr. Condino very unique. Two thumbs up!

Tom C
Oct-26-2018, 9:31am
Ive never seen one you your Fs. Very nice mod appointments like lower point -not too drastic.

GarY Nava
Oct-26-2018, 10:03am
That’s a beautiful mandolin!
I’ve got an orphaned maple back and African blackwood sides that I’ve been toying with using together- I think your lovely instrument my just provided me with the inspiration and push that I need!
Cheers Gary

Don Grieser
Oct-26-2018, 10:41am
That's a stunning mandolin. Would love to hear it.

Dale Ludewig
Oct-26-2018, 1:54pm
Mighty fine. Mighty fine.

Oct-26-2018, 4:29pm
Here s the whole batch that I posted on another thread and facebook:

Ted Eschliman
Oct-26-2018, 5:31pm
You continue to outdo yourself, James. Impressive!

Skip Kelley
Oct-26-2018, 8:01pm
James, those are amazing!

Don Grieser
Oct-26-2018, 8:47pm
Love the maple binding. That just completes the whole package. Why make a beautiful work of art in wood and then put a bunch of plastic on it?

Oct-27-2018, 11:57pm
...front of the head?

Oct-28-2018, 9:25am

Lane Pryce
Oct-30-2018, 9:41pm
Would love to see the black top A. Very impressive, creativity to the inth degree. Thank you for sharing. Lp

Oct-31-2018, 10:09am
What a hot rod! Beautiful.


Oct-31-2018, 10:55am
Looks like free thinking to me. Nice batch, James.