View Full Version : New Ellis A Model #457

Oct-21-2018, 9:11pm
I received my new A model Ellis custom a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a something simple but classy looking and Tom came up with this from what I told him I wanted. Light top with dark sides and back with dark binding only on the body. Finish is glossy shellac instead of like the standard A-5 which has hand rubbed varnish. One piece back - and I can't find a seam on the top so I'm not sure if it is one or two piece - I'm guessing two piece that is perfectly matched. I've been playing it a lot and it sounds out of this world. I also like the fingerboard style better than the slight extension - finger pointing fingerboard on the standard Ellis. Just my preference - the extension looks cool but for playing I'm not used to it. Tom knocked it out of the park - awesome mandolin. This last picture is Tom playing it just before it left his shop in Austin.

Lane Pryce
Oct-21-2018, 9:53pm
And a fine mandolin it is! Love the back wood. I know you must be beyond happy with your new A. Lp

Northwest Steve
Oct-21-2018, 10:00pm
Very nice. I picked up a used one this summer from a fellow member. Absolutely a work of art. I have never a mandolin that is so easy to play. I surly can not blame any playing issues on the mandolin. It does sound different than anything I have owned but it is clear as a bell, incredible sustain, balance and plenty loud. I feel fortunate to have such a fine mandolin. Enjoy yours.

Oct-21-2018, 10:29pm
Lovely.... restrained but oozes class and quality.

Oct-21-2018, 11:50pm
That back looks like a picture of a forest or a rock face, I can't decide which. Either way it is gorgeous, enjoy.

Oct-21-2018, 11:51pm
Oh man, I can feel the twinges and aura of an impending MAS attack.

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-22-2018, 2:04am
Another ''masterpiece'' mandolin from Tom Ellis !. Tom's approach to building is incredibly simple - always build the best !.

I love the combination of the 2 colours of wood,& the back & side colour is amazing !. Pick the dickens out of it & enjoy it,

Oct-24-2018, 7:38am
That's a beauty, love the back shot. Congrats!

Go get 'ya a nice mandolin strap. I'm sure you'll find plenty of info in the archives on them or, you could just start a new thread.;) Enjoy!

Oct-24-2018, 11:21am
Absolutely.....that back is beautiful, and the top....WOW!