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Steve Sorensen
Oct-20-2018, 7:48pm
We lucky to have four Sorensen VX mandolins together in one room for a bit of picking and comparing on the first Wednesday of IBMA 2018.

This video was recorded on my Samsung Galaxy phone with no sound editing or modifications. Players are Danny Roberts (VX #70) and Zack Arnold (VX #73). The two additional mandolins are VX #81, owned by Silas Powell, and VX#83 owned by Darren Nicholson.


Here are the four front and back --

172019 172020


Steve Sorensen
Oct-21-2018, 12:06pm
The newest of these four was built for Darren Nicholson -- I love the perfect topographical grain lines on the flat-sawn maple back.



Skip Kelley
Oct-21-2018, 3:42pm
That's super cool Steve! I love seeing your pictures of you pushing the boundries of the "ordinary" mandolin! Nice work!

Steve Sorensen
Oct-24-2018, 10:06am
Thank you for the kind words and checking-in, Skip! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your positive input!

I realized that the first version of this video was a little long, so here is a shorter version that gets to Zack comparing the four mandolins a little more quickly --


It really is amazing to have two of the finest mandolin players in the world hanging out trading instruments and licks. These guys are so nice and supportive, sometimes I have to remind myself that Danny has toured the world with The Grascals, won SPGMA "Mandolin Player of the Year" 8 times and IBMA "Mandolin Player of the Year" several times, and that Zack's band Claybank is just about the hottest young band in bluegrass.

It is really such an honor, that they are willing to make the time to record a video like this and also to hang out at my little IBMA booth jamming for hours to support spreading the word on these new VX mandolins.



Oct-24-2018, 12:48pm
Congratulation Steve! Your bluegrass VX hot rods are gonna earn you the moniker “BIG DADDY SORENSEN” the Big Daddy Roth of mandolin building.

Steve Sorensen
Oct-24-2018, 4:30pm
Here's the fourth of the four --

http://https://www.facebook.com/134051799969086/videos/218581635501673/ (http://www.facebook.com/134051799969086/videos/218581635501673/)


Steve Sorensen
Oct-25-2018, 12:10am
And the third of the four starting to settle in with Silas Powell --



Steve Sorensen
Oct-31-2018, 10:09am
Up close with Darren --



Nov-01-2018, 6:12pm
My buddy Dan Sankey absolutely loves his Sorensen. I had a chance to play his when we played a gig together about 2 weeks or so after he got it, really nice sound and overall tone. If I didn't just buy another mandolin myself, I probably would have gotten one myself :)

Next time MAS strikes maybe ;)