View Full Version : Woody's Rag

Oct-14-2018, 3:25pm

Oct-14-2018, 6:22pm
Good recording, nice slides!

Oct-15-2018, 7:30am
Sounding good PH :mandosmiley:

Drew Egerton
Oct-15-2018, 8:14am
Nice job PH! Are you in Mike Marshall's online school? He teaches that tune. If so send it in and you'll get some awesome feedback.
If I may give a quick suggestion it would be try to work on keeping your left hand fingers down closer to the fretboard and closer to the notes you are using. It will save you some wasted motion and in turn you can play with less effort and faster/smoother.

Southern Man
Oct-15-2018, 8:29am
I need to work on this one, it is the first tune in the bluegrass intro book I have.

Thanks for the recording. It gives me the kick in the butt I need to tackle it.

Oct-15-2018, 9:23am
For years I played mostly guitar and then I discovered the joy of playing mandolin. It has taken me a while to get used to the small neck so sometimes I tend to over reach and move my left hand fingers too much. I would certainly benefit from some of the great on-line teaching programs. Mandolin playing is a lot of fun. Thank you all for the encouragement and suggestions. Never too old to learn.