View Full Version : Blackwood and Sitka 2-point

Graham McDonald
Oct-09-2018, 12:07am
A new mandolin strung up a few days ago. Australian Blackwood body and neck, Sitka soundboard, ebony fingerboard and one-piece bridge with ivoroid binding around the body and fingerboard. Relic Nickel Golden Age hardware. Oil finish. It will be visiting the east coast of the US in a couple of weeks.

A sound clip (https://soundcloud.com/graham-mcdonald-4/polkas)

and some pics





Steve Sorensen
Oct-09-2018, 12:24am
A lot of really nice design touches. Quite elegant and tasteful.


Dave Hanson
Oct-09-2018, 1:14am
Love that body shape.

Dave H

Jim Garber
Oct-09-2018, 6:43am
Very nice look, Graham. I love the Blackwood too.

Mark Wilson
Oct-09-2018, 8:23am
Wow that looks great! :cool:

Joe Mendel
Oct-09-2018, 9:17am
Love the look! Graham, I'm planning to bring my McDonald mandolin to Woodstock, I thought you might like to see an old friend. It's the same shape as this mandola. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person, finally! See you there.

Oct-09-2018, 1:00pm
Beautiful. I love your asymmetrical two point design.


Skip Kelley
Oct-10-2018, 8:01am
Graham, that's a fine looking two-point! I love the blackwood!

Mark Seale
Oct-10-2018, 3:27pm
I love that asymmetrical two point shape. That's a beautiful instrument.

Tom C
Oct-10-2018, 3:42pm
I think the best looking "A"s come from that continent. Looks beautiful.

Graham McDonald
Oct-11-2018, 12:48am
Thank you all for the kind words. If anyone is attending the Woodstock guitar show in up-state New York in a couple of weeks, I will be around for the whole weekend, not exhibiting but just observing and doing some research on a new book. And the mandolin will be somewhere close :)


GarY Nava
Oct-11-2018, 10:31am
Certainly a good looking mandolin!
Cheers Gary