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Pedal Steel Mike
Jul-23-2005, 12:49pm
http://www.melbay.com/product....positio (http://www.melbay.com/product.asp?ProductID=98207&Heading=Theory,%2BCompositio)

Normally I would not mention this, but since the subject has come up, I've written a book about music theory which is published by Mel Bay Publications.

I think there is something distasteful about people coming to these boards just to hype their stuff. There's a fellow on the steel guitar forum who does that and I (and others) resent him for it.

I hope nobody thinks I'm doing that and I apologise in advance to anybody who is offended that I'd mention a commercial product on which I'm making money.

Be that as it may, the book is entitled "Music theory In the Real World, A practical guide for Today's musicians."Since it is published by Mel bay it is available wherever Mel Bay books are sold as well as Amazon.com.

Jul-23-2005, 1:46pm
I agree with you about the hyping of stuff on these boards. #In your case, the value of your participation has far outweighed any annoyance your advertising may have caused - Frankly, I didn't even know you had a book. #I'm glad you mentioned it.

What's your feeling about hyperlinks in our signatures? #I noticed you don't do that.

Pedal Steel Mike
Jul-23-2005, 2:55pm
What's your feeling about hyperlinks in our signatures? I noticed you don't do that
First, thanks for the reassurance.

I have no problem with links if the web site is relevant to the overall subject of mandolins and mandolin playing (as yours is.)

My web site (www.mikeperlowin.com)is not. It's mostly about my CDs, which are performed on pedal steel and have very little mandolin on them. I feel it's OK to mention it in the course of a discussion, (as long as it's relevant) but would be inappropriate to include it with my signature.

However, the site contains a picture of me in 1975 with my (at the time) 20s vintage Gibson A-2-Z- snakehead. I wish I'd kept it, but I sold it and an Arthur Smith banjo and got enough for both the buy a Gibson banjo, a Pre-Gibson flatiron mandolin (which I eventually also sold) and a second pedal steel.

Selling the 2 instruments made sense at the time, as I needed the steel, but I sure miss that mandolin.

BTW, the site also contains 4 MP3s, 2 from each of my 2 CDs that you can download (for free of course.) The music is my attempt at doing classical music on the pedal steel. Many people in both the classical music and steel guitar communities really like it, but some really hate it.

Everybody reading this is invited to stop by and listen. I hope you all like the music.

Jul-23-2005, 4:15pm
I will stop by your site... I thought I recognized that name... I'm right next to you in the Rogues Gallery!

Jul-23-2005, 4:51pm
I didn't know Stravinsky wrote for pedal steel! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif It sounds natural, like like he had that thing in mind... Nice work, you've kindof invented a genre.

Jul-23-2005, 9:58pm
I have no financial interest in the book I recommended the other day. Yours sounds quite similar - a good but quick explanation of theory and how to use it. Had I known someone at the cafe had such a book out, I might have looked to it first (actually I found the other at the bookstore while swaiting for midnight so my daughter could get the new Harry Potter book). So by all means, toot your horn!

Groveland - your sig is touting a mando specific product and you don't "over post" IMO (and I probably do). If it was for Amway it might be over the top...

Jul-24-2005, 12:05pm
links in sigs-->

If it is something very impostant to you, and you want to share with others, why not include a link....Mine is to my out of date gallery of clothing artwork. Not only is it my life, but I KNOW others enjoy peeking at my work...

Plus, no one HAS to click on any link they don't want too