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Sep-22-2018, 11:47am
Hi What a busy year! My shop expansion and renovation is nearly complete. I was unable to build as much this year because of the renovation and repair work schedule. I started these mandos back in march expecting to be done weeks ahead. That has not been the case. I just finished the hardware on the last one earlier this morning. I am very happy with the results. They were all played in the white so i pretty much knew what to expect.
This batch has a few firsts. The one F5 is a distressed model. I have always wanted to do one but was always worried that some would associate distressed with covering up poor worksmanship so i waited till now ,my 80th mandolin to do a distressed model. It has some very old red spruce in the top ( from 1800s barn beams) and some old Pa sugar maple for the back. I studied many old mandolins to get the look i wanted and am very pleased with the final results. Another first is some custom hybrid bracing on the black bound englemann topped A5. Just a killer sounding A5 and will use the pattern again.
The last first would be the redwood topped black faced F5 with the very (with a big V) spalted flamed maple back. This is first redwood i used on a mandolin however i have used it on guitars. Just a cool looking mandolin!
Well enjoy the pics and hope to see some of you at IBMA

"JUNE" mandolins and guitars since 2001

Steve Sorensen
Sep-24-2018, 12:14am
Glad you can make it! A lot to like in those pictures you posted! Can't wait to sneak over and pick 'em.

Sep-24-2018, 7:45am
Walter, they look really nice. I guess I'd better stop by one day soon and try some of them out!