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Sep-21-2018, 10:22am
I've had issues lately with Youtube working so I'll post both the Youtube and Soundcloud. The sound quality is better on the Youtube upload for some reason.

This has become one of my new favorites!


Sep-21-2018, 1:42pm
Bluegrascal, I can't seem to find the detailed instructions for posting a YouTube video. Maybe one of the moderators can find a link to them for you.

But posting a YouTube (or Vimeo) video can be counterintuitive. First, you must click the "Go Advanced" button to get to the advanced editor. Next, you must not use the button labelled "Insert Video", use the button labelled "Wrap [YouTube] tags around selected text" (it is a red button). Or, if Vimeo, use the blue "V" button right next to the YouTube button. Then, in the dialog box that pops up, you enter the long v=string that is in the link to your YouTube or Vimeo address.

So, like in one of my videos, the address link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u8HFAyfP6w, so the option number to enter is 4u8HFAyfP6w. Or sometimes you will see an address like https://youtu.be/4u8HFAyfP6w, which has that same string right after the last slash.

Sep-21-2018, 1:46pm
OH, and yes, I do like your playing. Thanks for posting.

Sep-21-2018, 2:57pm
Thanks, HH. I used the Youtube wrap button but I just pasted the whole URL and not just the v=string.

Sep-24-2018, 3:01pm
Just learned this one myself... good work!

John Kelly
Sep-25-2018, 3:29am
Great tune and recording, Bluegrasscal! Thanks for posting.