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Jul-22-2005, 1:38am
Hey all,

I am currently playing a Fender FM-61SE Electric mandolin on loan from a local music store. This music store is a small hole in the wall, which has a reputation for fair prices. Indeed, I bought my daughter's clarinet and my wife's violin there.
He is asking 350 Euro for this mandolin, used. This is around $370 - $400. I have been looking online, trying to compare prices against any other used or even new mandolins from this model. Problem is, I can't find this specific model listed.

I am assuming that this is a good price. The mando plays real nice and so far, after a 5 hour stint of "I just can't put it down" playing, I have sore fingers but no bad feelings about the instrument.

Does any of you have any experience with this specific model, or can anyone tell me if this is a decent price, great price or even "Don't let this baby out of your hands!!!" price.

I am supposed to give the mando back to the store on Monday... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif



Jul-22-2005, 9:29am

I had one of these fenders. #I paid $290.00 USA brand new no case. I believe I got a real good deal on this model. I did sell it however and was not very impressed however it was my first mando.
Not sure what that means in Europe however that may be rock bottom over there. Hope this helps.


steve in tampa
Jul-22-2005, 12:00pm
200-250 USD if you can find one would be reasonable.

Jul-24-2005, 2:21am
Thanks for the feedback. I think that I'm going to take the conservative approach and hold off on buying this one. Not only because of your responses, but also because it is not 100% what I want.
I am looking for something for quite-night-time-while-the-family-is-sleeping-practicing, and really have my mind set on a solid body mando. There is plenty of time to find the right instrument at the right price.

I'll just stick with my acoustic/electric for now.