View Full Version : Dead spot?

Mar-11-2004, 9:14pm
Does anyone know how I can fix a dead spot on my mandolin?

By dead spot, I mean, one of the frets, when played, gives off the weak, not in tune sound. This doesn't happen on any of the other frets or strings. It is on the E string4th fret.

I must say, the mando I have is a beginner.

Also, the G string when played gives off a bad sound (but I think that is just the mando itself.

I am working on building a new one, but for the time being I would like to fix this. Any ideas?

Michael Lewis
Mar-12-2004, 2:03am
It may be a loose fret. Tap on it with a hard object and tap on an adjacent fret to hear the difference. A loose fret will sound dull, a well seated fret will click when tapped. A drop of CA glue will lock it in place, but be careful you don't lock it too high or low.