View Full Version : The Pink Panther - Solo Mandolin Arrangement (Tab)

Mandolin Wild
Aug-27-2018, 3:18pm

I couldn't get the percussive mutes of the intro in the tab without it looking confusing and messy so I left them out. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out the rhythm by just listening to it though.
Tab! (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EsDWkMllev8WDAmHLDdVJ5CX-Uix4mE-/view)

Aug-27-2018, 6:08pm
Very nice.

Several weeks ago I was trying to come up with a solo arrangement of my own, to post on my YouTube channel - but had no luck.

Keep up the good work!

Skip Kelley
Aug-30-2018, 6:30pm
I like that! I loved that cartoon as a kid! Very nice arrangement and playing!!!

Aug-31-2018, 9:23am
Nicely captured out in the wild!

Thanks for the tab. Should be fun.

Aug-31-2018, 11:31am
Very inventive arrangement...WELL done!