View Full Version : Purple Fantasma 2018

Aug-22-2018, 2:56pm
Just finished this one, a little different.

Aug-22-2018, 4:22pm
Loving these Fantasma. Can’t wait for mine.

Randi Gormley
Aug-22-2018, 4:24pm
whoa. very nice!

Skip Kelley
Aug-22-2018, 6:54pm
Ken, that's cool! I love the figure in the maple too!

Aug-23-2018, 8:18am
Very nice! I like the subtlety of the color application.

Aug-24-2018, 6:04pm
So, Ken tells me that this El Fantasma is headed to Jax. Fess up. Who is it.
I purchased the sinker/argentine grey one from the classifieds ( https://www.mandolincafe.com/ads/128116#128116 ) and it looks like both are shipping out Monday.