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Aug-10-2018, 3:47pm
Doesn't have to be mando specific but that would be great if they are.

We are having a lubegrass sunday this week, I might be performing one number on mandolin (bass is my main instrument in the band though).

BUt the BL gave me a request for a pre-recorded playlist for the lunch following after.

I think a dozen or so songs would be enough, anything that can be bought on Amazon for $1 is fine, I just buy the tracks, stick em on a phone and jack into a speaker (it will be pretty primitive). It will be a nice speaker though (QSC K10).

SO any classics, from Munroe, or anybody else is great, this is a church event so Gospel only, instrumentals are fine, no need for vocals, although if it's a known Gospel tune vocals are ok too.

Aug-10-2018, 4:46pm
While I'm far from expert on gospel or bluegrass, it's hard to beat "Angel Band". I particularly like the Charles Sawtelle (maybe Hot Rise?) version, that just happens to be available on Amazon for $0.99!

Aug-10-2018, 4:55pm
Ok, bought this to get me started:


It's got angel band on it.

Aug-10-2018, 7:08pm
That's a decent playlist, though not particularly "bluegrass gospel"; lots of standard traditional hymns and "sacred" songs.

This is my absolute favorite-ist bluegrass gospel album:

-- although there are some Stanley Brothers albums that come close.

A Voice From On High has a lot of Monroe's 1950's-60's mandolin; quite a few songs feature his "Blue Grass Quartet," where he dropped out the banjo and fiddle, and used four-part harmony with just guitar, mandolin and bass. In these Monroe plays aggressive, distinctive mandolin leads; check out Walking In Jerusalem Just Like John with guitar only, or He Will Set Your Fields On Fire with Monroe's hard-charging accompaniment.

Many of these songs won't be as familiar to your church members as the ones you've bought from Amazon, which is a consideration; most people who don't know bluegrass, know Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Keep On the Sunny Side, Amazing Grace etc.

Aug-11-2018, 11:08pm
Wayfaring Stranger ….. Am

Kevin Winn
Aug-12-2018, 11:11pm
I Am A Pilgrim
I've Endured

Search Youtube for Mandolin Orange covering those two.

Just saw this post as well:

Aug-14-2018, 2:12pm
"There's Power In the Blood". Just learn the hymn and speed it up.
"Daddy's Hands"--not strictly a Gospel song, but I heard a group do it in an outdoor worship service at a folk fest, and it worked well.
"The Man in the Middle". I think I learned it from a Hot Rize recording.
"Hear Jerusalem Moan". I've heard it done a capella. Nice.

Aug-17-2018, 10:16pm
Let’s add Gillian Welch’s: By the Mark

Sep-01-2018, 12:19am
Daily & Vincent - album "Singing From the Heart". Chock full of gospel and tasty mandolin breaks.

Rich White
Sep-01-2018, 9:28am
+1 on By The Mark

A few more I really like -
All Prayed Up
Where the Soul Never Dies
Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior
Unclouded Day
Are You Washed by the Blood of the Lamb


Sep-01-2018, 10:01am
These guys do some uptempo versions of gospel songs...