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Darren Bailey
Aug-10-2018, 12:02pm
Caught the US band The Hot Seats last night. They have a couple more gigs in the UK before flying back. Great musicians, very fine songwriting.
The mandolinplayer/lead singer Josh Bearman was kind enough to let me play his mandolin - fantastic instrument. First time with a radius fretboard - didn't make much difference to my feel.
A great bunch of guys playing bluegrass, old time and a little swing.


Aug-10-2018, 12:12pm
local boys! Cool to see them out your way!


Aug-10-2018, 2:53pm
Was that at your parish?

Darren Bailey
Aug-10-2018, 4:27pm
Was that at your parish?

No,our church is full of icons. This was an old Methodist chapel in Wales that is now only used for gigs. But the pews etc are still in place, which adds a nice dimension to the show.

Aug-10-2018, 5:38pm
Just an off the wall comment here. Congratulations to Wales for their first Tour de France winner, Geraint Thomas, since I believe 1903. He is a great, humble, cyclist.

Ivan Kelsall
Aug-11-2018, 3:42am
They didn't come anywhere close to Manchester - as usual !. It's odd really that Manchester,once a very,very close second to London in the number of Folk clubs back in the 1960s - '70's,is now almost a total wasteland when it comes to acoustic music.

We have the second largest Municipal Park outside of London,Heaton Park (only Hyde Park is larger) ,& which,each year holds 2 'pop' festivals,yet in well over 40 years,there's never been a Folk Music festival. Each year 1,000s of people flock to the UK's oldest folk festival,Cambridge. It doesn't take much imagination (or maybe it does),to think what might happen if the Cambrige festival (or similar), was transplanted to a park that size,