View Full Version : A brand new Mowry oval A - I am so excited!!

Aug-04-2018, 3:19pm
I just opened my new custom Mowry oval A mandolin and I have to share it with folks who will appreciate it. I don't even know anyone else who owns a mandolin (except my teacher) so please allow me to share my excitement and appreciation over this work of art that Andrew Mowry has made for me. I wish photos could really show the beauty and craftsmanship - it's perfect!
The tailpiece was engraved by Bill James.

Aug-04-2018, 3:29pm
Beautiful! That inlay on the headstock is amazing! When I first saw the slanted oval, I was expecting to see fanned frets. But no, just an artistic flourish. I like how it matches the arc on the fingerboard extension.

Aug-04-2018, 3:31pm
Thanks Steve - when I first saw one of Andrew's with the tilted oval I knew I wanted that - something untraditional on a very traditional instrument :-)

Charles E.
Aug-04-2018, 3:57pm

Aug-04-2018, 6:17pm
WOW! I agree with Steve.....that headstock is incredible.....as is the whole package!!

Enjoy it in good health.....to be so lucky!:mandosmiley:

Aug-04-2018, 7:21pm
thank you! I can't do it justice with my playing but maybe someday...

Mark Seale
Aug-04-2018, 8:00pm
That is a stunning instrument. I'd love to hear how it sounds. It isn't often we see an oval hole mandolin with an elevated fretboard. I like the slanted oval and the fretboard end treatment as well.

Al Trujillo
Aug-04-2018, 8:32pm
The headstock shape caught my eye before the inlay did. A beautiful mandolin - enjoy it!!

Aug-04-2018, 9:01pm
I’m going to try to do a recording- I’m not an experienced player. I’m an adult learner and i decided at my age i didn’t want to wait until i got good to have a beautiful instrument. I might not live that long :grin: it has a beautiful tone!

GarY Nava
Aug-05-2018, 9:44am
Lovely piece of work.
Cheers Gary

Roger Adams
Aug-05-2018, 10:48am
That is truly stunning! Enjoy!

Aug-05-2018, 11:46am
Gorgeous instrument, will be looking forward to a sound clip.

Aug-05-2018, 11:47am
Beautiful !

Don Grieser
Aug-05-2018, 12:36pm
Oval MAS alert!! Congrats!

Aug-05-2018, 1:23pm
Congrats, that's just spectacular looking. I bet it has tone to match its great looks. Enjoy it for many years.

John Kelly
Aug-05-2018, 2:02pm
Beautiful instrument, and I love your philosophy of having a fine instrument before age catches you out!

Looking forward to hearing it now.

Aug-05-2018, 3:03pm
Very nice!!!

Aug-05-2018, 4:38pm
Holy smokes, thatís so beautiful. Let its art inspire yours.

Aug-05-2018, 5:20pm
that inlay is just so ridiculously impressive... Andrew is a master...

Aug-05-2018, 6:23pm

Aug-05-2018, 6:25pm
He really is a master - we did all of our communication via email and he hit everything spot on.

Aug-05-2018, 6:28pm
Congrats, that's just spectacular looking. I bet it has tone to match its great looks. Enjoy it for many years.

The tone is amazing.

Aug-05-2018, 6:30pm
Beautiful !

Your new oval is stunning too!

Aug-08-2018, 9:55am
Andrew is a master, and a great guy. Enjoy the instrument.

Aug-08-2018, 10:12am
Andrew is a master, and a great guy. Enjoy the instrument.

I hope I get to meet Andrew some day - I really enjoyed the experience of working with him. I will enjoy this mando for a very long time. I open the case just to look at it :whistling:

Steve Sorensen
Aug-08-2018, 10:28am
Really a special and beautiful instrument!


Mark Wilson
Aug-08-2018, 11:12am
Wow! A work of art. Congrats

Randi Gormley
Aug-08-2018, 5:52pm
Just beautiful. Congrats!

Aug-09-2018, 6:40pm
That mandolin is stunning. there are so many artistic touches in the design. I too love your philosophy on starting with a top quality instrument. Enjoy it.

Aug-10-2018, 8:46am
I always enjoy seeing Andrew's creations at Wintergrass, and this one appears to be exceptional.....congratulations!