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Aug-03-2018, 8:04am
To make a long story short - for the past 4 weeks I have been trying to learn one simple song every day. By 'simple' I mean a song with a short verse and/or chorus that can be played together in about 30 seconds, and still be perfectly recognizable to people.

I learned very quickly into this exercise is that 'simple' songs do not always mean an 'easy' project. Even though the songs were 'simple', trying to come up with original solo arrangements that featured some sort of embellished melody and corresponding rhythm, was not always as easy as it seemed it might be.

Over the past 28 days I managed to arrange and record 14 of these '30 Second Selections'; (I did work quite hard on at least one song each day, but only a small percentage made it to video.). If anyone might be interested in seeing/hearing my project songs, the link below should bring you to my YouTube channel, where they are all posted . . . or you can go to YouTube and type '30 Second Selection' in to a search.

Your thoughts, comments, critiques and suggestions are most welcome.



Aug-03-2018, 8:32am
Very good on Swing Low !!

Aug-03-2018, 10:25am
THANKS Yank . . . much appreciated.

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Aug-04-2018, 8:40am
Wow, looks like I have a hit on my hands! (laugh)

Thanks guys!