View Full Version : Anything in the St. Louis Area  ? Aug 15-19 ?

Jul-19-2005, 2:03pm
I will be in the St. Louis area for a week on business, I would love to find a jam in the evenings.


John Flynn
Jul-19-2005, 8:06pm
OK, Monday night is the regular old-time jam night at Griffins Pub, but they were going to move it to Tuesday. Let me make some calls and see what the latest is.

There is also an "acoustic jam" (meaning a little bit of everything) at Fazio's Music on Monday nights and another one at Focal Point on Thursday nights.

There is an Irish session at Music Folk on Wednesday nights.

Plus, I'm happy to get together pretty much any night that week and play some old-time. I might even be able to get a player or two to join us. PM me.

Jul-20-2005, 4:08pm
I'm not sure if I pm'ed ya or not. I tried.

Thanks, for the reply,