View Full Version : Kelley A5 100 yr old red spruce

Skip Kelley
Jul-21-2018, 6:58pm
Here’s the latest Kelley A5. I used some 100 year old red spruce ( thanks Ken!) and hard northeastern maple back, sides and neck. This one has a big sound already. Thanks for looking!


Jul-21-2018, 7:10pm
nice work Skip. We just finished an A with red spruce. It pops like a pistol.

Skip Kelley
Jul-21-2018, 8:00pm
Thanks Ken! I do love this red spruce!

Skip Kelley
Jul-21-2018, 8:02pm
Here's a link to a little sound clip I did today. Please overlook my playing!


Mark Wilson
Jul-21-2018, 9:24pm
Nice one Skip! Sounds and looks great. That 4 leaf inlay is a nice touch!

Jul-21-2018, 9:34pm
Sounds great already!

Jul-23-2018, 4:56pm
Skip, That is one fine looking A model !! Sounds great Too!! Somebody is going to be very happy owning that one. I have not tried any of Kens red spruce but I am building the first "JUNE" redwood (from Ken) topped F5 for IBMA. Are you going this year?

"JUNE" mandolins and guitars

Skip Kelley
Jul-23-2018, 6:53pm
Walt, thanks! You are gonna love that redwood! I know I do! I plan on getting over to IBMA for at least one day.