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Jul-21-2018, 6:52pm
Cross posted. Practicing for upcoming Dead On Live show at City Winery 9/12. Workingman's/Beauty, cover to cover, note for note, all instruments and vocals as recorded performed live. Lucky to be doing this great Grisman part! www.deadonlive.com


Jul-21-2018, 9:51pm
Cool! Thanks for sharing that.

Jul-24-2018, 6:48pm
And, "Life without music would Bb" Somebody

Jul-26-2018, 8:12am
? But the song is in G......

Jul-26-2018, 1:19pm
Nice pickin! Snakeheads rock! Is that an A4? Do you use medium strings on it? I know,it's a well-discussed subject. Just curious.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Jul-26-2018, 2:07pm
I believe it's a very rare Blonde A4. I found this which is 1 serial no away from mine. Exact copy and guessing they were on the bench at the same time in 1924-25. Been using 74s but recent thread had me wonder if too heavy and trying LaBella guaged just a bit lighter. I dunno. http://www.mandolinarchive.com/gibson/serial/81100 Tone is amazing and cell phone audio doesn't do it justice.

Jul-26-2018, 4:10pm
Thanks mmuller,I have used 74s,or similar, on my snakehead and even a teens F4 for a long time. Not saying
it's best for longevity;but,lighter strings just don't seem to let the instruments breathe like I know they
May the mando gods forgive me.

Your snakehed sounds so nice.