View Full Version : One mand quartet! Soluet #6 Flying - Stephen Lalor

Jul-15-2018, 5:53am
I heard Stephen perform this with his trio "Volatinsky" a few weeks ago and fell in love with the piece. I bought the arrangement for string quartet but I don't have a mandocello so I ended up transposing the cello part up a fifth, playing it on the mandola (GDAE) and then pitch shifting it down in post. The viola part only needed some minor changes to fit on the mandolin. The first and second mandolin parts have some pretty intense cross picking passages which are almost like tongue twisters for your fingers.

Top left: Violin 1 (Hopf bowl back mandolin)
Top right: Violin 2 (Hopf bowl back mandolin)
Bottom left: Viola (LKS F5 custom mandolin)
Bottom right: Cello (pitch shifted Suzuki mandola)


Jul-15-2018, 8:32am
Has an air of Piazzolla about it. Enjoyed that!

Jul-15-2018, 9:30pm
That was wonderful. Also loved your rendition of City of Stars!

Jul-16-2018, 12:14am
Thanks, I enjoy doing these! More to come soon.