View Full Version : Sir Charles Coote (Carolan)/Smith's Hornpipe, mandolin trio

Martin Jonas
Jul-08-2018, 5:25pm
This is my recording of Dave Swarbrick's arrangement of these two tunes for three mandolins. Swarb's own original recording (with Dave Pegg and Richard Thompson on second/third mandolin) is on his classic "Smiddyburn" album.

My recording is based on Maartin Allcock's transcription of Swarb's three-part arrangement, in his book "Dave Swarbrick - Fiddle Tunes", available from Maart's website (http://www.maartinallcock.com/)(NFI). See also this (https://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?139755-quot-Dave-Swarbrick-Fiddle-Tunes-quot-Book&p=1664499#post1664499)recent discussion thread about this book.

"Sir Charles Coote" is an Irish slow air by Turlough O'Carolan -- I have previously recorded a different arrangement for the Song-A-Week social group. "Smith's Hornpipe" is also known as "Babbit's Hornpipe" or "Myopia Hornpipe", first published in "Ryan's Mammoth Collection" (1883).

Swarb is playing the hornpipe at his usual blistering tempo (see this (https://youtu.be/dA6Uq65YorQ)live recording, which is even faster than the album version) -- I'm not getting into a speed picking contest with him, so my tempo on both tunes is more moderate!

Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin (x3)