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Jun-25-2018, 11:18am
A little Arkansas Traveler...


Jun-25-2018, 1:27pm
Thanks for posting this. It's one of my old favorites even though I never learned to play it. Good job.

Jun-25-2018, 4:18pm
Thanks, HH!

Jun-25-2018, 6:44pm
Thanks! That's great.

Somehow I've ended up listening (and watching) Styrian folk music lately and recognized a commonality of some sort with bluegrass.

I think it's the energy and joy of songs like this.

Jun-26-2018, 11:43am
Thank you, AndyV. The joy of bluegrass/fiddle tunes is the main reason I got into playing it!

Jun-26-2018, 12:35pm
A little Arkansas Traveler...


Sounds good...did you do all the tracks? Did you copy and paste the "whoo"? Was that recorded to a click track? Jest making conversation :)

Jun-26-2018, 1:29pm
Hey Perry,

I'm all for conversation :)

Yes, I did do all the tracks. Used Garageband to add in the upright bass. I wanted it to have a "live" feel so the "whoo" was added in as I listened to the it through my head phones (It's one of my favorite songs to play so it was getting good to me just listening to it, so the "whoos" are real in that regard :))) and I added the claps and crowd at the end as well. A little cheesy I know but the song is so much fun I just felt like it didn't feel "right" without a little live feel to it.

I didn't use a click track. I probably should have looking back on it but, again, was going for that "live" feel.

I'm putting together a collection of bluegrass/fiddle tune/gospel recordings for my grandfather (who got me started in all of this) and this is one of the songs I put together for him.