View Full Version : As good as it gets!

Jun-23-2018, 6:23pm
love it... 50 million hits after 1 day and counting.

Eric Hanson
Jun-23-2018, 7:12pm
Too much fun! I would venture a guess that the attendies will never forget such an event as this.

Steve Ostrander
Jun-23-2018, 9:10pm
Whoa! Was that the dude from Wings?

David Lewis
Jun-24-2018, 12:37am
No he was the bloke from the weathermen I think.

David Lewis
Jun-25-2018, 6:45am
did anyone else get a tear in their eye? P. singing the low harmony on 'Let it be'... the barber... the pub...

Jun-25-2018, 8:08am
I did get a tear too. . . . and a chance to bond over music with my wife. Somehow things like the Punch Brothers new music video just don't have the same effect with her. Loads of fun, a tidal wave of viewers!

Jun-26-2018, 11:28am
What must it be like to have the adulation of most everyone on the planet?

Northwest Steve
Jun-26-2018, 6:51pm

Don Grieser
Jun-26-2018, 9:04pm
As good as it gets is right. How cool that he did this! Came across like a regular guy.

Mark Gunter
Jun-26-2018, 10:24pm
I watched this twice when Paul posted it on Facebook, what a joy, and THE BEST carpool karaoke that guy James has ever done, hands down. Great idea, great video.