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Jun-18-2018, 12:13pm
I bet there's not many acoustic pickers here that don't like to pick some Norman Blake tunes from time to time. Please feel free to post some of you picking your favorite Blake tunes. Vids or music ... it's all cool. Would love to see/listen to them. I'll start with a couple mp3 recordings I made with my Tascam little mixer ...one called "Ruins of Richmond" and "Coming Down From Rising Fawn"

Don Grieser
Jun-24-2018, 10:13am
Great idea. Here's the Constitution March that Norman played on guitar, but it works well on mandolin.


Jim Roberts
Jun-24-2018, 12:09pm
Nice pickin' Don!

Mark Gunter
Jun-25-2018, 6:58pm
I love Norman Blake tunes, and play them often, especially the ones he teaches in the Homespun Video series. I don't have any recent, decent recordings, though. I'll link to a few from when I was more of a rank beginner trying to learn them.

From Norman:

Here's one where I was attempting to learn and slowly practice Thebes on the guitfiddle ...

From Nancy:

And this Nancy tune from when I first began to learn it, and before I started working to cure the "flying fingers" approach, LOL.

Don Grieser
Jun-25-2018, 7:29pm
Wish we would have picked at Pagosa, Mark. We share a love of Norman and Nancy tunes.

Mark Gunter
Jun-25-2018, 7:59pm
Roger that, Don. I took you for a Norman & Nancy fan when I discovered your YouTube videos a good while back. Those folk are the real deal, for sure.

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-28-2018, 4:29am
Very nice playing of a lovely tune there Don. I'd never heard it before,but i'll be hearing it a few (100) times more,

Jul-07-2018, 12:28pm
Mark, I love the "Hangin' Dog" tune that you worked out. I tried to follow Nancy on that one, but her fingers fly so fast. There is a very haunting melody on this song.