View Full Version : Any Jams in St. Louis, MO coming up.

Jul-16-2005, 10:43pm
I'll be there the week of the 15th, Anything going on in the area ?


Aug-06-2005, 12:35am
You're welcome to come to the Focal Point in Maplewood, in St. Louis county just outside the City. There's a jam every Thursday night. All kinds of music. Somewhere further down this section of the board you can find details.

Aug-06-2005, 12:38am
Well, my posting is down around page three now, so I've copied the details on the Focal Point jam. Here ya' go:

Every Thursday night, 7:15 to ?? (often midnight), you're invited to jam at the Focal Point Traditional Arts Center in Maplewood, an inner suburb of St. Louis. The address is 2720 Sutton. This jam has been going for about 20 years now.

All kinds of music and instruments, as long you don't plug it in. We've counted over 55 different instruments so far. You'll hear and play bluegrass, country, traditional fiddle tunes, pop, blues, and more. All depends whose turn it is.

We have all level of players. Some pretty hot pickers, but the idea is to help everyone get better. For example, we'll start fiddle tunes at a moderate pace, then crank it up after everyone's had a chance at least to get the chords.

If you're in St. Louis from out of town, come out and and be our guest. The first jam is free, after than, if you come back, $3 helps pay the Focal Point rent.

You can email me here for more info.

Dan (hellindc)
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