View Full Version : Best Bluegrass Band in New Hampshire/Vermont?

Jun-14-2018, 4:10pm
Hello Friends,

I'm looking for a stellar bluegrass band for a private party of about 175 people. The party is at the Mt Washington Hotel. Looking for recommendation in NH, Maine, or Vermont.


Jun-15-2018, 5:40pm
Shamelessly Blind Crow (http://www.blindcrowband.com)

We do play in Plattsburgh NY a bit so not too far from Mt Washington.

Jun-15-2018, 6:49pm
New England Bluegrass Band


Willie Poole
Jun-16-2018, 11:30am
White Oak Mountain Band from New Hampshire....Mac McGee and his son are still with the band the last I heard...Google them and a site should come up...


Jun-16-2018, 12:06pm
If the budget is right, my band will travel anywhere!

Jun-17-2018, 9:27pm
I just saw a great show by Bob Amos and Catamount Crossing. Bob was a principal of Front Range, and wrote a lot of pieces covered by other bands such as Hot Rise. Google them and check out YouTube offerings. -- Paul

Jun-18-2018, 8:18am
I’m with Montana Matt
If the money is right, you can Great Lakes Grass! Shameless self promotion I will admit!

Jun-18-2018, 9:38am

I guess you think of White Mountain Bluegrass. There ainīt no oak in it. Hazel and Mac retired from playing music in 2013. Hazel passed away from cancer in 2014 at the age of 73. So thereīs no more White Mountain Bluegrass.

They were the real deal; super nice folks.

Jun-18-2018, 2:47pm
I think Willie might have been thinking of the late Don Stover's band, the White Oak Mountain Boys.

Here's Boston Bluegrass Union's list of "Regional Bands," (http://www.bbu.org/resources/regional-bands/) identified by state designation.

Doesn't say who's "best," however. Of course, that's a subjective evaluation...

Russ Donahue
Jun-21-2018, 7:50pm
Cumberland Crossing out of Portland, Maine.
They'll provide a nice evening of music...

Willie Poole
Jun-22-2018, 11:22am
Olaf and Allen...I did put the word "Oak" in there when I shouldn`t have...I saw Mac and his son down in Florida about 3-4 years ago which of course was after Hazel passed away and they were still playing, his son fronts a band now and plays a lot all over the country.. I have lost contact with mac and his son but some where around this house I have their phone numbers,,,No nicer people ever walked this earth than Hazel and Mac...We did a lot of picking when we would all meet in Florida during the winter months, I fit in with their style of bluegrass like we had been playing together for years and years....They toured over in Europe a few times and I asked them to take me along if they ever went again, alas, it never happened...


Ted Lehmann
Jun-28-2018, 2:49pm
Depends on your budget, but both The Lonely Heartstring Band (http://www.lonelyheartstringband.com/) and Mile Twelve (http://www.miletwelvebluegrass.com/)are excellent. May be budget breakers, but your guests will love them both. - Ted