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Ted Lehmann
Jun-12-2018, 4:38pm
I've posted my review of David Davis & the Warrior River Boys new CD Didn't He Ramble: Songs of Charlie Poole. Just released on Rounder Records, this CD marries the pre-bluegrass music of early banjo great Charlie Poole with the Bill Monroe informed mandolin of veteran Alabama bluegrasser David Davis. This remarkable marries old and new into a very fine recording. Available all over. Read about it on my blog. - Ted



Jun-12-2018, 5:49pm
Did you let Willie know?

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-13-2018, 2:28am
Hi Tim - Yes, our fellow Cafe member is indeed a relative of Charlie Poole. It sounds like a very interesting CD !,

Jun-13-2018, 10:59am
I’ve chatted with Willie a few times and I did know his distant uncle (I think) was Charlie himself!
The YouTube “vintage style” version of “Rambling Blues” is excellent! I will be buying that CD soon!

Willie Poole
Jun-13-2018, 12:59pm
From what I can understand from my cousin who is into this family tree stuff she said that Charlie was an uncle or cousin, she isn`t sure which, of our grandfather...I get a head ache trying to figure out myself....Something like "I am My Own Grandpa"

The one thing that would turn me off from wanting that CD is David Davis, a good picker and bluegrass musician but he thinks he can walk on water...I have had conversations with him a few times and never did get my point across in the discussion, his opinion was all that counted, he may strike other people differently though...He wouldn`t even tell me what year mandolin he was playing when we met at a festival...MAYBE HE DIDN`T KNOW...I bet

Sorry to be so negative but that is just my opinion of him...he may have changed a lot since then, that was at least 30 years ago


Jun-13-2018, 3:34pm
Nice to have you join in on this conversation Willie! I certainly understand the “raised hackles” at a high faultin’ attitude from anyone, happens, to me all the time. I’ve had the bad experience too, not with this guy but, it might as well have been. Thankfully, I don’t see them daily anymore.

I can understand the convoluted family tree headache, I know you’ve told me a little of the story that’s why I though it was an uncle, glad my memory is not as spotty as I thought!

Jun-13-2018, 8:38pm
Well Willie I certainly have no reason to doubt your story. I feel obliged to mention though that my experience with Mr. Davis was quite different. He was very friendly and helpful and seemed like as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet.
And... he sang tenor for me while I did one of his (Warrior River Boys) songs and didn't even say I sucked!

I guess everybody's mileage does vary.:)

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-13-2018, 10:59pm
I've had experiences with well known Bluegrass US musicians who've visited the UK - full of their own importance,only one opinion -theirs & only one voice to listen to - theirs !!. I'm very happy to be able to say that they were in the smallest minority. The vast number of US musicians visiting us,have been awesome - willing & eager to answer questions. Also,anybody can have an ''off-day''.

I can also say that some UK musicians ''get above their raisin' '' in the firm belief that they're the best thing that's ever happened to UK Bluegrass music - they ain't !!,:mad: