View Full Version : Nice new video found on YouTube: I Saw The Light

Jun-11-2018, 10:28am
This turned up via YouTube 'auto-play' today, pretty nice music, :mandosmiley: and great mandolin 'break' at 0:37. I don't think this particular video has ever been posted here at MandolinCafe before, because it looks like a very recent video - the YouTube upload date was only 11 days ago. So, something new! :)

(or direct link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx4dqU7qfJQ). "Grace F Music" playing their arrangement of a Hank Williams song "I Saw The Light")

Jun-12-2018, 4:56am
Hmm, tough crowd. :confused: Well, I thought it was pretty good anyway.

William Smith
Jun-12-2018, 5:09am
Pretty Good, always nice to see young players playing the great oldies.