View Full Version : Never Weather Beaten Sail by Thomas Campion with tabs

Jun-09-2018, 12:54am
I recorded this beautiful Renaissance song with mandolin and classical guitar and wrote some mando tablature.
So, if someone of you wants to play along...

Standard notation and tablature:

Could someone explain to me how to attach thumbnails?

Jun-09-2018, 11:50am
Very nice! :mandosmiley: And thanks for the notation and tab. :)

Could someone explain to me how to attach thumbnails?

If you mean how to attach a PDF file that you have on your computer... well, for what it's worth, below is what the process looks like on my computer (Windows, Chrome browser). The process is basically just "Go Advanced", click paperclip icon, add a PDF... but to see all the details here's my super-quick unedited non-captioned non-talking screen-capture: :whistling:

(or direct link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nWZhVlFDYg))

However - I don't know if you're using a phone or a computer. I don't have time right now to make an Android phone version of the PDF-attachment process, but I can do that sometime next week if anyone might find it useful and if no one else has covered that yet. :)

Note: For pictures and images that are *not* PDF files, I use the "Insert Image" button instead of the "Attachments" button. The "Insert Image" button is on the row below the "Attachments" (paperclip) button, at least that's where it's at on my computer.

Jun-09-2018, 12:37pm
It looks quite dark this way, but once you open it up, it becomes a readable music sheet.
Thanks JL277z! (BtW, I'm using my laptop.)

Jun-10-2018, 6:02am
Excellent! :mandosmiley: