View Full Version : Kentucky KM380 finally...ready to play....or make a lot of noise

Jun-07-2018, 3:30pm
Finally got my new cast tailpiece in, the old sorta original one was beat up, and one string retainer snapped off before I could get the first string to tension. Don't think it was the original tailpiece either, it was missing the cover, but more than that, after it was removed, there was plenty of scratches and old drill attempts beneath it. So I plugged up the mess, cleaned up so so, re-drilled, added the tailpiece, substituted the ebony strap pin for a bone/abalone one I had, the ebony one was a little chewed up, will probably sand it and refinish it for something else. Cleaned it real well, strung it up with Martin strings, tuned it up, started practicing 2 finger chords...man are those strings close, fingers are going to have to go on a diet lol.

enjoy the pics;

added some felt where it meets the body

me when the wife finds out about the new toy
actually is me at a Renaissance fair.

Randi Gormley
Jun-07-2018, 3:57pm
Nice to include a stock photo at the end ....

Jun-07-2018, 4:16pm
Nice to include a stock photo at the end ....

Stock photo...har har hardy har, it's not your neck getting stretched;)

p.s. if you look close at the headstock shot, you'll see a missing ferrel, I saw it on the floor and ....well, after a few choice expletives, unstrung one of the D strings to put it on :mad::mandosmiley: