View Full Version : Playing a cool Japanese duet on my new Hopf Bowlback

Jun-03-2018, 6:44am
I recently got around to purchasing this Hopf mandolin that I have been borrowing from my teacher for a while so this is the first video I make with it.

The piece starts out classical but then goes into some more modern rhythms and themes. There are a lot of metric modulations which makes it really interesting to play.

Mandolin0.024ppm - Goshi Yoshida



Jun-03-2018, 7:12am
Great stuff! I enjoyed that a lot.

Jun-03-2018, 7:49am
Nice! :mandosmiley: :)

Eric Hanson
Jun-03-2018, 7:55am
Imprerssive, and may I say, quite pleasant. Thank you very much for sharing.
A wonderful way to start my morning.

John Kelly
Jun-05-2018, 6:57am
Fine playing and very clever variations. Mandolin sounds great too.