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May-13-2018, 5:06am
I've just finished building this "Tone" Octave Mandolin for café member Rob.
It has a 58cm (23") scale and carved top and back.

167654 167655

The back is a beautiful piece of local Sycamore that I've used for a number of recent instruments.

167656 167658167657

Top is Engelmann spruce.
Brazilian mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard and binding.

167659 167660

167661 167662 167663

Black Gotoh tuners, Allen bronze tailpiece and Custom sound port in the side.

For more photos of my latest builds, please visit my Facebook page.

Lord of the Badgers
May-13-2018, 5:39am
Paul, what can I say. It's the most gorgeous instrument I've ever played. And I had a sobell...

Thank you is too small a word. It is worth twice what I paid imo

Edit: "thank you" are actually two small words...

Dagger Gordon
May-13-2018, 5:41am
Really nice. Looks like a good length for playing tunes as well as chording.

Ivan Kelsall
May-13-2018, 5:51am
That's astounding in every way !!!. The top colour,i especially like - well done once again Paul, & congrats. to Rob !,

May-13-2018, 12:10pm
Beautiful work Paul. Congrats to you Rob. Thats some collection of instruments you're building up there!!


John Kelly
May-13-2018, 12:58pm
A really stunning creation, Paul!

Jill McAuley
May-13-2018, 1:05pm
Absolutely gorgeous - particularly love the top colour - what a beauty!

May-13-2018, 1:12pm
Wow! Just wow!

GarY Nava
May-14-2018, 1:44am
Beautiful work Paul, nice to see a fellow British luthier posting here!
Cheers Gary

Lord of the Badgers
May-14-2018, 1:50am
Beautiful work Paul, nice to see a fellow British luthier posting here!
Cheers Gary

I commission instrument builds ONLY with British luthiers :) and luckily I've two awesome ones on my doorstep!
I've always wanted one from Paul since I first got into mandolin family instruments, I own one of his axe bouzoukis... But to finally get a "Tone" model is a big deal for me :) I hate being at work this morning as I know what I'd rather be doing!!

I'd love one from Rory of Taran Guitars one day but I'm way off that now... have a house extension to fund!!

Ivan Kelsall
May-14-2018, 3:44am
Hi Rob - I've not heard from you in a while,but that OM from Paul is astounding !!. If it only sounds 1/10 as good as it looks,it should be awesome.
We're very lucky to have some very fine guitar / mandolin builders in the UK - wouldn't it be terrific if you could comission a build from each one,just as the late Scott Chinery did with his ''Blue Guitars''. What an assembly that would be !! :disbelief:

https://youtu.be/uadXz7Nsmqk Scott Chinery's 'Blue Guitars' - Video attachment still not working for me ?.

Lord of the Badgers
May-14-2018, 4:01am
It definitely sounds as good as it looks... And better!!

May-24-2018, 1:58pm
Thanks to everyone for your comments - much appreciated!
I've just finished another Octave mandolin which I built alongside the one in my earlier post.
This time it has what I call a "vintage" satin finish. The scale length is 548mm (21.6")….a little shorter than my standard 580mm.....and it has octave pairs on the G and D courses.

167970 167971167972 167973 167974