View Full Version : Thunder and Rain

Denman John
May-12-2018, 10:23pm
This video popped up in my youtube feed and thought I'd share. I found some of their other videos and really like their sound. Never heard of them until today! It looks like he's playing a Turkey Creek, which don't get discussed much here on the cafe. Anyone play one? He makes it sound really good! Does anyone know anything about Thunder and Rain? Where are they from? Good stuff!


Dave Hanson
May-13-2018, 12:56am
I'm afraid to say I lost interest after the 40 second intro which just repeated the same phrase for 40 seconds.

Dave H

Lane Pryce
May-13-2018, 4:44am
Good stuff. Slow outa the gate but they get it done. Lp

vetus scotia
May-13-2018, 6:09am
Nice. Love her voice, and that mandolin does sound great, especially on the solo.
More here https://thunderandrainmusic.com/home