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May-08-2018, 12:42pm
Cornell and Deihl, a very popular tobacco company, has come out with a new blend, that those of you who smoke a pipe may be interest in.


You can be sure I will be trying it. I will post my "review" on the various pipe forums in which I participate. Thought you might want to know...

May-08-2018, 5:38pm
Can you recommend a pipe that would suit me? :grin:

Mark Gunter
May-08-2018, 6:26pm
I'd recommend a pipe made by Chris Thile's father. ;)




Mike Snyder
May-08-2018, 7:01pm
I quit the pipe last December and gave the collection away. I don’t miss it except when I come across something like this thread. You can bet that I would be online ordering a tin of Bluegrass, but no.

May-08-2018, 8:30pm
Here is just the thing.


Ivan Kelsall
May-09-2018, 2:48am
Nice one Jeff !!,

Willie Poole
May-09-2018, 9:12am
Maybe one of these builders will make and sell pipes shaped like a mandolin, F and A styles...Probably be a best seller...

I wonder if that is really tobacco or just dried BLUEGRASS from Ky?


May-09-2018, 12:22pm
Maybe there will be an over priced pipe made of a secret material used on the space shuttle, but it'll make you smoke faster, smoother, and with more depth :whistling:

May-09-2018, 12:52pm
They make a lot of pipes in Oregon these days...but they're not for smoking tobacco.


May-09-2018, 3:40pm
Hey Jeff, This tobacco would be right up my alley! I was a pipe smoker for 25 years, but only in off hours. I guess a school principal with a pipe wouldn't have been a fitting appearance! I had a fairly large collection, but that is relative. I was into Peterson's and Savinelli's, primarily. Gelsenbury, I think that a Savinelli would give you a great start for about $60, but if you want to just dabble a bit and see if you enjoy it, try a used Kaywoodie on Ebay. I used to purchase collectable used pipes on Ebay and traded on there for years. Let me know what you find. I gave it up 10 years ago, but I hung on to one Pipe that my wife gave me for Christmas many years ago. I guess you could say I had "PAS" or pipe acquisition syndrome, which was a more affordable obsession! :))

Ivan Kelsall
May-10-2018, 2:02am
I still have the Meerschaum pipe that i smoked for a couple of year,back when i was in my early 20's - 50 years ago. I also had a Peterson 'full bent' pipe as well. I don't know why,but one day i just quit. At the time i used to smoke Sobranie 'Balkan' mixture. Very arromatic & mild,& much like Turkish tobacco,

Andy B
May-10-2018, 10:04pm
Ivan, your post with the picture of the Balkan Sobranie tin brought back a lot of memories. I quit decades ago and am very glad to have done so but in my misspent youth I did enjoy it.

Dagger Gordon
May-11-2018, 2:57am
I was also a pipe smoker. I never really smoked conventional cigarettes - sometimes licorice paper roll-ups.

It has occurred to me that it's not that easy to actually buy a pipe in a shop in the UK now. They aren't allowed to display cigarettes in supermarkets etc and I can't think of a tobacconist shop anywhere. I suppose you would have to buy them online.

Ivan Kelsall
May-11-2018, 3:22am
Hi Andy - Back when i was smoking a pipe,it was still allowed in my office workplace. I didn't smoke more than a pipeful during the day,but one day i was trying a popular,very arromatic tobacco - 'Holland House'. It obviously got up the nose of my colleague sitting in front of me, who asked me if i liked the aroma. I said that i did,he said - ''You're the only b*****d that does !'' -That was the end of it !!.:redface:

I was always intrigued by the craftsmanship in a pipe. I think it was that that attracted me to a pipe so much,so many styles & shapes,

Mike Snyder
May-11-2018, 4:14am
I’ve had to eliminate some expensive hobbies in order to afford fuel to get to places to pick. Fishing boats, skeet shooting, vintage travel trailers. Pipes and tobacco I tried to play smart. I had a couple of Peterson’s off eBay but specialized in Butz Choquin pipes. Very good quality without the $100+ prices. Still have a couple of Joby pipes I bought my Dad for Christmas presents when I was in college. Sometimes I get a whiff of an oriental blend off of my F5. So that leaves me with playing mandolin and tenor banjo and disc golf.

Dagger Gordon
May-11-2018, 4:39am
I remember buying a wee corn cob pipe in Maine in 1983. Not sure we saw them in Scotland.
I did find it spoilt my sense of taste for food which was a good reason to stop.

Andy B
May-20-2018, 9:59pm
Ivan, I never fired up the pipe in the office, but I did smoke cigarettes there, which did not enhance my popularity. Mike, I still have a Butz Choquin pipe I bought in Paris in 1973. When I quit smoking some years later I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out.

Ivan Kelsall
May-21-2018, 1:56am
Andy - Even back in those days,pipe smokers were pretty rare compared with cig. smokers,who seemed never to have a cig. out of their mouths. I used to smoke about one pipefull of tobacco a day,& as my Meerschaum pipe was only small,a small one at that. On the other side of things,my Peterson pipe was humungous - Some nice pipes here :- https://peterson.ie/collections/standard-system


May-21-2018, 10:46am
My dad smoked a pipe. And he played ukulele. On occasion both at once.

I find that pipe smoking is like grease for my to do list. If I am not quite in the mood to organize my tune books, or pick up around the music room (the house), or change strings, or other such tasks, if I either smoke while going after it, or promise myself a pipe when complete, things just go better.

As a young'n I used to be in awe of guitar players who smoked cigarettes and how they would stab the cig on the string ends sticking out of the tuner capstan. So cool.

I have since grown up, (let us hope), but I have learned how to clench my pipe while playing. Its easier with some music than others but I do it often enough.

Ivan Kelsall
May-22-2018, 1:32am
Jeff - I've seen a few cig.burned guitar headstock in my time,some of them,really high quality instruments. I never saw banjo players do it !.

I never minded seeing a cig. bobbling around on a guitar string,what i really did hate,was the way some players left 8"/9" of string sticking out after they'd cut them off - or did they cut them off ??,

May-22-2018, 4:21am
:)) Now, where else would you find a discussion about pipe tobacco named Bluegrass, a pipe-smoking mandolin maestro, and his dad who makes pipes? It doesn't get more niche than that. :grin:

I'll check out your recommendations, but only for aesthetic reasons. I've never smoked, and I won't start now. But, unlike cigarettes, I enjoy the smell of pipe smoke and appreciate the craftsmanship of a good pipe. I've seriously considered buying one just as a decorative object! :grin:

Now I'm looking forward to the discussions about whether a volcano shape actually gives you a better smoking experience, or whether you get more for your money with an egg shape. Unless you smoke Bluegrass, of course, in which case a volcano is obligatory to get the whole package.

William Smith
May-22-2018, 5:29am
Don't smoke a pipe but still love the smell, my Grandad, My Ma's dad was no picker unlike Dads side of the family. But I just remember the smell!, nothing much about him unfortunately. He was a great carpenter and brick man, He died in 83 of cancer when I was 4 or so. He was at Pearl Harbor in the Navy on the day of the attack and fought all over the South Pacific, My Uncle who was in the Nam told me that when Gramps smelled burning hair in the ashtray he pretty much came unglued! No doubt with what he went through. Anyway Ma still has his ashtray and a few neat old pipes "no idea of what they are, one looks like a dark burl wood? that sit in her office-I look at them and just think about him and his mystery! Another strange thing in itself I will not go into? A bit off subject but one has to have Respect for that ole generation!

May-22-2018, 8:30am
Not sure what tobaccos make up "bluegrass", looks like an aromatic ,,I prefer a light English mix myself,,the old Balkan Sobranie ,not the new,is what legends were made from,and their old cigar blend was incedible,just filled with havanna..

Mark Wilson
May-22-2018, 11:59am
Tried the pipe. A lot of work for this lazy person but i do enjoy the smell of it

May-22-2018, 1:17pm
OK I did not expect this much enthusiasm for the topic. Its great, but its peripheral to mandolin.

I have read and participated in more than a few pipe forums. And have learned a great deal about how GREAT we have it hear with tight moderation and friendly supportive folks.

So let me recommend, if pipe smoking pipe is your thing, or becoming your thing, that The Briar Patch Pipe Forum is, in my experience, one of the better forums. Friendly folks, general lack of snark, and enthusiasm that is addictive. I have no financial or other interest, just trying to not bog down Scott's bandwidth with too much off topic stuff, and perhaps help folks avoid some of the places I have had to "shake the dust off my feet" when leaving.

Ivan Kelsall
May-23-2018, 12:54am
The first pipe that i can remember was when i was about 6 years old,1950 - the one belonging to my mother's uncle Alfred. He was an ex.merchant seaman,& then worked for British Waterways,as the lock gate keeper at Vale Royal locks on the River Weaver in my home town of Northwich,Cheshire. His home (see pic.), had a stone flagged floor. He'd sit in an old battered armchair,take his pipe out of his waistcoat along with a plug of thick twist tobacco. He'd cut a few slices off with his pruning knife & knead it until it would go into his pipe. When he lit up,the smoke was a bright Blue. I tried some thick twist at one time. The tobacco was like tarred rope,you'd have thought that it would really bite your tongue - but it was as mild as you could wish for - happy memories !,