View Full Version : My Rock Instrumental with Electric Mandolin and FX - 30 Days

May-06-2018, 6:31pm
I am a beginner on mandolin so be easy on me. I only used guitar in the beginning but after the intro, the rest of what sounds like guitar is mandolin on effects. I like acoustic music (and all kinds of music) but I also like to stretch the sonic boundaries of space and time. Thus I need a reverb and delay to do that. If you like U2 you may like it. If you don't care for this kind of music, then this probably isn't your cup of tea and that's cool too. Anyway, just wanted to share. I hope some of you like it.

Here's the link



David Lewis
May-06-2018, 6:43pm
May I ask what delay and reverb?

Mark Gunter
May-06-2018, 6:44pm
Many folk prefer not to visit linked sites.
Here's the audio embedded:


David Lewis
May-06-2018, 6:46pm
Sounds good by the way.

May-07-2018, 2:18pm
May I ask what delay and reverb?

I used a Neunaber Stereo Seraphim (which has a Wet Reverb) and a Strymon Timeline delay.

May-07-2018, 2:19pm
Thanks Mark for embedding the audio