View Full Version : Beautiful Spring Day...

Larry S Sherman
May-05-2018, 2:04pm
...hanging out with an A


Nice to be able to play outside again!


May-05-2018, 2:23pm
Indeed, I spent an hour out on the porch myself playing this morning.

Bob Clark
May-06-2018, 9:01pm
I agree with that, Larry! I am fortunate here on the farm, though, in that my bottom sheep barn is open to the south and warms up nicely on sunny winter days. I like to go down there, settle down among the round hay bales and play for the barn cats in the winter, when I have time. The barn cats gather 'round to listen (only a few in that barn, but they are each named for mandolin luthiers), and I feel like it is spring even when it is not:grin:. Funny how the cats like mandolin music. Now that spring is here, I have no time to play during daylight hours:( but if I did, yesterday would have been a great day to play outside!

Ivan Kelsall
May-07-2018, 1:18am
It's ok to do that if you have some shade - i tried it in my back yard several years back. My mandolin got so warm within 5 minutes,that i had to retreat indoors. I'd settle for a nice porch - with house attached,

May-08-2018, 6:52pm
One of the joys of coastal California is playing outside year around. I have little micro climates in my backyard. Full sun, wind sheltered for those brutal sixty degree breezy days. Full sun open to the breeze for those 68 to 75 degree days. Dappled shade to eighty five or so, then full shade porch to ninety five. Hotter or colder drives one inside. Got to do that thirty or so days a year.

Ivan Kelsall
May-09-2018, 3:14am
My back yard is South facing = full sun all day,from morning 'til night. Day by day,the brick walls warm up & stay warm during the night. The next day they get another dose of sun & the heat builds up & up. During a long warm spell a few years back,the garden thermometer showed 33 deg.C = 91 deg F,