View Full Version : New best friends

F-2 Dave
May-02-2018, 9:10pm
Arenít they cute together?

George R. Lane
May-02-2018, 9:22pm

F-2 Dave
May-02-2018, 9:40pm
Sorry. Trying and failing to attach a photo.

There. That's a little better.

May-02-2018, 11:09pm
Is it me, or does the photo attachment fail to expand?

F-2 Dave
May-02-2018, 11:16pm
Nope. Not just you. Honestly, I was lucky to get as far as i did. Darn my technologically challenged self.

May-03-2018, 5:53am
Nice - congratulations!

Lord of the Badgers
May-03-2018, 10:45am
It doesn't want to open up bigger - can you tell me what they are? :) too small to see!

F-2 Dave
May-03-2018, 11:54am
It’s my old F-2 and a recently acquired 1957 Gibson L-50. I thought their sunbursts looked nice together.

May-03-2018, 1:02pm
And they do!