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Apr-30-2018, 9:16pm
I hope y'all don't mind me posting some violin under the Gospel category. these are 2 out of 22 songs I wrote around 2001 - 2003. I'm doing the vocals, violin, and on one of them a bit of lead guitar. The background is a Yamaha QY 100 music sequencer.



the first one is a blues called How 'bout You
the second one is the disco, yup, disco called Why We Dance.

May-01-2018, 4:32am
The 2nd tune (the disco one) is pretty catchy, :mandosmiley: I like it. :)

May-02-2018, 2:58am
Thank you JL277z for the comment, and mee & Ranald for the thunbs up, much appreciated. I recorded these from a 6 channel Peavy PA head into a little Behringer mixer into a Ghetto blaster on cassette. Tried to get a good mix thru the speakers and hoped for the best. I was really just winging it. every time I would blow a track, I'd hafta rewind the cassette to the end of the last track and record over the blown track. a year or so later I got it transferred from cassette to CD.

...with the disco, I think I should have edited the sequencer to bring the drums up a bit, and slowed the tempo down a tad.