View Full Version : Tim O'briens Nugget, up close and personal.

Apr-23-2018, 5:00pm

Apr-23-2018, 5:06pm
Looks like his Nugget / Collings

Jim Hilburn
Apr-23-2018, 5:31pm
Hasn't made the finger rash spot on that one yet.

Apr-24-2018, 11:24am
Here's two links to Tim O'B playing what I think is his Nugget:


Sounds way different (better) to me...but while its got the wear spot, the headstock doesn't say Nugget, so ????


Luna Pick
Apr-24-2018, 11:46am
Yup, that one is Tim's original Nugget.

Paul Kotapish
Apr-24-2018, 12:02pm
Here's a video from a '79 Hot Rize show where you can see Tim's original Nugget pretty clearly.


The sound on that particular track is messed up, but the other videos from that concert (which don't show the Nugget as well) sound better and show what an amazing band they were in those early days. Nice to see Charles, too.

Pretty sure the one Tim is playing in the top post is not the "original."

Luna Pick
Apr-24-2018, 12:57pm
Pretty sure the one Tim is playing in the top post is not the "original."[/QUOTE]

Yup, agree. I wasn't too clear, but my previous post was referring to the mandolin Tim's playing in the links in the post immediately prior, not to the top post.