View Full Version : 1996 Jesús Bellido Laud

Apr-23-2018, 2:07pm
This week’s unusual instrument is 1996 Jesús Bellido Laud, a Spanish folk instrument made in Granada by the son of celebrated guitar maker, Manuel Bellido. The laud has a 20 5/8” scale length and six pairs of strings tuned to straight fourths F#2, B2, E3, A3, D4, G4, low to high. It has fan bracing with cypress back and sides but uses metal strings and is played with a pick. This is a professional quality laud from a noted builder with a loud, responsive tone. It plays easily up and down the neck, and I enjoy experimenting with the unusual tuning. I play a slower strumming thing and a faster flatpicking thing.



Jim Garber
Apr-23-2018, 8:01pm
Very nice playing. I think the name of the instrument has an accent: laúd and is pronounced la-ood (2 syllables).

Apr-23-2018, 9:07pm
That makes sense...maybe the name was derived from the middle eastern oud.

Jim Garber
Apr-24-2018, 10:04am
Exactly, la ud. I am no expert on Sapnish pronunciation. I just looked it up. I have a bandurria, maybe 20 years old but I don't play it much and am thinking of restringing to octave 12 string guitar tuning. Straight fourths is more confusing, tho I do like the sound you get from your laúd.