View Full Version : Reischman, Nygard & Gilchrist

Don Grieser
Apr-23-2018, 11:01am
They were working up the tunes heading to the studio for Harmonic Tone Revealers. Great recording and video of John's Loar.

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-24-2018, 3:03am
Thanks a million for that link Don - download material for sure !!!,

Apr-24-2018, 9:09am
That's very nice, thank you Don! Gilchrist on the Gilchrist sounds great, but the mid's on that Loar are just about the best.

Jim Roberts
Apr-24-2018, 12:09pm
The mids on just about any mandolin John Reischman plays are "just about the best"!!!!! He is a tone master.

Thanks for sharing the video, Don.

Apr-24-2018, 1:16pm
Listen to their CD and hear if you can identify if it John's Loar mandolin or Sharon's Gilchrist mandolin that is taking the lead on any or all of the tunes. I dare ya!

Don Grieser
Apr-24-2018, 7:02pm
Really knocked out by the next to last tune, Cousin Sally Brown. Started learning it last night. Already worked up Half Past Four and The Road to Mulvern when I got the CD. Great music if you don't have the CD.