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Apr-22-2018, 8:00pm
I know there are other threads out there; the search turned up several hits, but either the recording is buried inside a multi-page thing, or...

Just a shout-out to having re-visited this *excellent* recording on today's run - clear, clean picking, good tunes, good players, good singing. It's all good. His way of attacking linear lines is one-of-a-kind, with power, tone and taste. I'm putting Pitchin' Wedge back into the daily repertoire.

Apr-23-2018, 8:00am

Apr-23-2018, 8:51am
I ran up on that album a few weeks a go on You Tube. I agree, some really good stuff on there. I found it looking for Tennessee Blues. One of my favorites there is Thirty Pieces of silver.


Apr-23-2018, 8:56am
Pitchin' Wedge is one of the relatively few lyrical instrument mandolin numbers out there in E Major, done in a thoroughly modernistic fashion. Someone (Mike S.?) transcribed Adam's solos for TablEdit, in a very faithful manner.

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-24-2018, 2:25am
Hi guys - Many thanks for ''Pitching wedge'', & to Alan specifically for turning up the recording which i'd never heard of. Adam Steffey is IMHO,one of the very finest pickers out there. I must look to see if the recording is on CD. 'Pitching Wedge' is now firmly embedded in my 'music files',