View Full Version : S'Alright, Don't Think Twice About It

Mark Gunter
Apr-22-2018, 4:44am
Two sides to every story; you only get one side with Dylan's Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Apr-22-2018, 5:36am
Sounds great Mark love your voice, seems to fit the song.:mandosmiley:

Apr-22-2018, 10:30am
Your singing reminds me very much of John Hiatt. Thanks for posting Mark!!

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

BJ O'Day
Apr-22-2018, 6:58pm
Thanks for the post Mark. You are certainly a multi-talented guy.

Mark Gunter
Apr-23-2018, 5:37am
Thanks for commenting, BJ & Len