View Full Version : Shameless plagiarism and a KM-150

Apr-21-2018, 4:00pm
Being relatively new to the mandolin in general and jazz mandolin in particular, I have been shamelessly copying solos note for note. In this version of All of Me, I've plagiarized Don Stiernberg's version. I hope Don will recognize my imitation as the sincerest form of flattery!


I'm playing a KM-150 and even though I've since upgraded, I have to say, I think it still sounds pretty good for a $300 mandolin.

Apr-21-2018, 5:14pm
That sounds great-- the playing, singing and the Kentucky mandolin. Thanks for posting your recording!

George R. Lane
Apr-21-2018, 6:48pm
A very nice version. Great sounding mando.

Lane Pryce
Apr-22-2018, 4:56am
Well done! Thanks for sharing. Lp