View Full Version : Hilburn #66

Jim Hilburn
Apr-15-2018, 6:06pm
So this one's been a few years in the making but finally done. the current plan is to hang onto it for a while.

Clinton Johnson
Apr-15-2018, 6:58pm
Gorgeous Jim, looks like a banjo killer too!

Skip Kelley
Apr-15-2018, 7:09pm
Jim, your mandolin looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Jim Garber
Apr-15-2018, 7:17pm
Jim: if you really want to hold onto it for a while, you either will have to make it uglier or refrain from posting photos. ;)

Thatís a real beauty.

Apr-15-2018, 7:28pm
As always, a great-looking axe! I can't believe I've never played one!

Eric Hanson
Apr-15-2018, 7:48pm
How can someone build such an amazing instrument?!?
Thank you for posting such a beauty!

Charles E.
Apr-15-2018, 8:10pm
Very nice. Love the headstock inlay. Let's hope Demetrius does not see this. ;)

John Soper
Apr-15-2018, 8:22pm
OO-OO La La!

Apr-15-2018, 8:24pm
Very nice. Love the headstock inlay.

Very nice. And for some reason, that inlay reminds me of Betty Boop!

Mark Gunter
Apr-15-2018, 8:42pm
Jim, it's gorgeous!

Apr-15-2018, 9:05pm

Jeff Mando
Apr-15-2018, 9:27pm
Nice work, Jim!

Don Grieser
Apr-15-2018, 9:44pm
Spectacular! Hope I get to pick a few tunes on it in May.

Apr-15-2018, 9:46pm
Very nice. And for some reason, that inlay reminds me of Betty Boop!
Had a similar thought: where have I seen that before? Very nice, as always, Jim.

Jim Hilburn
Apr-15-2018, 11:27pm
The story of the inlay is that I had a Stew-Mac Vintage Guitar calendar from 1997 and this is one of the pages. I've seen an A-3 up close since but never had back then. So this was what I came up with from looking at it on that page.

Jim Hilburn
Apr-15-2018, 11:29pm
So which of those mandolins doesn't belong with the others?

Apr-16-2018, 1:01am
So which of those mandolins doesn't belong with the others?

The one with odd number of points? (and no elevated pickguard).

Great work Jim, BTW.

Apr-16-2018, 1:41am
I'd guess the 2-pointer on the left.

Jim Hilburn
Apr-16-2018, 8:25am
The calendar lists these mandolins as a 1908 F-2, a 1916 F-2, a 1927 A-3 and a 1959 A-5.
The A-5 is very curious because it appears to have the same peghead and fingerboard as the early 70's F-5's but unlike the 70's models it has a 12th fret crosspiece and appears not to be elevated. But I would think a '59 would be a cherry red with the block Gibson inlay.
I think I'll start a thread on this subject over in Vintage.

Charles E.
Apr-16-2018, 9:17am
It looks like Gibson employees were grabbing parts off the shelf and mashing them together.

Apr-16-2018, 8:12pm
Bring it to Geo's

Mark Seale
Apr-20-2018, 11:09pm
Really nice Jim. I love your headstock shape and inlay. Give us a listen!

Jim Hilburn
Apr-21-2018, 8:52am
No one wants to hear me play it. Maybe I can get some video of Don playing it in a couple of weeks.

Don Grieser
Apr-21-2018, 9:14am
I look forward to hearing it and playing it.

Jim Hilburn
Apr-23-2018, 10:24am
I recorded Whiskey on my old Olympusmp3 recorder and I think its going to play. Let's see.

Don Grieser
Apr-23-2018, 11:02am
Sounds fantastic, Jim! Love that tone.

Northwest Steve
Apr-23-2018, 2:53pm
Sounds great

Don Grieser
May-06-2018, 8:42pm
Got to play #66 this weekend and hear Jim and several other folks play it. It's a monster. Exceptional volume and tone. Blows away any theory that lacquer hinders volume or tone in any way.