View Full Version : Reuben Sandwich

Michael Neverisky
Apr-15-2018, 3:42pm
Taking a swing at this finger-twisting Jethro tune. I was inspired to learn it after hearing the Jordan Ramsey and the Carlo Aanzo versions on youtube.


Apr-15-2018, 3:48pm
Lovely. And now I'm hungry...

Charles E.
Apr-15-2018, 8:57pm
Nicely done! Very clean with a touch of mustard.

Apr-16-2018, 5:44am
Very nice Michael !:mandosmiley:

Apr-16-2018, 1:35pm
Thanks for passing this one along, Michael. I have been working my way through your cool arrangement of "Wee Small Hours" and much appreciate your friendly introduction to this complex and elusive thing called jazz mandolin. Many thanks again!

Lane Pryce
Apr-17-2018, 6:07am
Nicely done! Lp

Apr-17-2018, 8:54am
Oh, FINE! Now I need to make a corned beef!!!