View Full Version : Another Muleskinner Mandolin - A- style F-Holes

Apr-05-2018, 10:14am
Another build out of the Muleskinner Instruments shop. This one for a friend named Justin.

Adirondack Spruce top, European Maple back and sides, Curly Maple bindings

F-holes, a little bit punchy. Plenty of volume.

Overview and demo video:

And picking along with a Muleskinner Instruments guitar build:


Jim Garber
Apr-06-2018, 3:20pm

Nice work. They looks like wonderful instruments. I believe it is permissable for you to put your website, youtube channel, Facebook page, etc. in your signature so folks can contact you.

For those who want to reach him or check out his website: Muleskinner Instruments (https://www.muleskinnerinstruments.com/).

Apr-06-2018, 3:53pm
This looks beautiful. I had the chance to check these out in person during David Surette's March Mandolin festival and they look equally nice in person!

Apr-10-2018, 12:57pm
The Builder says it's an F Style which clearly it is not. I'm wondering if he means it has F holes? No indication of price, which would be very helpful.

Yes, yes. When you have a camera in your face, sometimes you make a mis-step. As the title of the thread states it is indeed an A-style mandolin with F-holes. Given that this is a thread within the Forum and not a Classified ad it was thought that including a price would not be in line with the guidelines. This mandolin was not for sale and already going to a good home so the intention was just to share some work from the Muleskinner shop. Thanks for watching.