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Mar-23-2018, 11:44pm
My wife and I had a great time meeting Nick and his fellow musicians at the Temecula Valley Bluegrass Festival today. BK Nicholson and Desperado played some serious bluegrass! Nick can sing and he can flat out pick that F5L! Check this one out-- sorry for my shaky hands:


Mar-25-2018, 2:32pm
Great pickin' and singing!! Thanks for sharing this video!

Mar-25-2018, 2:54pm
Sounding great Nick!!

Mar-25-2018, 3:19pm
Great job Nick!

Mar-25-2018, 4:11pm
plus 1. Nice job. Work that band.

Side note: It allways takes one person to hold everything together. It seems like you are the one in your band, Nick. Making it look easy is the icing on the cake.

Don Grieser
Mar-25-2018, 6:01pm
That's how it's done.

Mar-25-2018, 7:07pm
Thanks guys for all the nice comments and thoughts!

You're always cognizant of your picking limitations, but one nice takeaway from our 2 sets were the many compliments I got on my F5L's tone/sound. Two pretty accomplished bluegrass musicians went out of their way to rave about my mando. I've A/B'd my mando with high dollar instruments and there is a slight difference, but I remind myself about the time I stood about 3 feet in front of Scott Gates while he played my mandolin, and I was absolutely blown away by the tone, volume, and projection.

So it's nice to hear that I'm pulling some decent tone out of my mando!

Mar-26-2018, 9:26am
Strong work Nick!
I watched and the first thing that came to mind was Don’s comment!
“That is exactly how it’s done!”
It’s interesting to stand on the other side of your mandolin and hear it as others do, isn’t it!

Mar-26-2018, 1:24pm
I heard it from the stage and strummed it a bit, too. It has a rich low end, and a nice big bark with resonant highs! Its the player that makes it, though! Nick is such a good guy. He went out of his way to say hello to a fellow MC'er.

Mar-26-2018, 2:05pm

And that mandolin barks like a hungry German Shepard... :mandosmiley:

Steve Ostrander
Mar-26-2018, 2:13pm
That's Bluegrass right there!

Apr-05-2018, 5:59pm
most excellent sir!

Chuck Leyda
Apr-08-2018, 10:39am
Nice choppin' Nick!

Dale Ludewig
Apr-08-2018, 11:38am
Nice job! Good song, too.

Clinton Johnson
Apr-08-2018, 1:00pm
That’s the stuff! Great job Nick:mandosmiley:

John Gardinsky
Apr-10-2018, 5:44pm
Nice job playing the Bluegrass music!

Apr-10-2018, 5:58pm
Really nice, brotha!

Apr-11-2018, 6:51am
Nice phraseology in post 16 John,
And yes, that is “The Bluegrass”
And I hope there will always be guys like Nick keeping it “headed in the right direction” to cross thread this phrase.